Find answers to the most common member queries by browsing our frequently asked questions below. 

Why join an Opulence Thoroughbreds syndicate versus sole ownership?

Opulence Thoroughbreds offers the opportunity to enjoy the perks of owning a champion level racehorse without the risk, associated costs and administration of having to buy a whole horse yourself.

Who trains our horses?

We currently have horses with William Haggas, Andrew Balding, Roger Varian, Stuart Williams, George Boughey, Jack Channon, Charlie Fellowes, Ed Walker, Paul & Oliver Cole, Clive Cox, George Scott, Michael Bell, Dr. Richard Newland, Harry Fry and Evan Williams.

How many shares are available in each horse?

This varies but usually between 10 and 20 share owners per horse.

What is included in the cost of the share?

The price covers all expenses including the purchase and training of the horses. This includes vet bills, entry fees, jockey fees and transport. 

How long do the syndicates run?

The exact duration of each syndicate is stated in the agreement, but generally lasts for a minimum of two seasons. The horses may be sold at any time throughout the duration of the syndicate and any attractive offer is always carefully considered.

How long do our flat horses' race?

Typically, our flat horses are sold at the end of their three-year-old season. The duration of each syndicate is stated in the syndicate agreement.

How is Opulence Thoroughbreds remunerated?

We charge a management fee, stated on our syndicate agreements and 10% of the sales proceeds, should the sale of the horse exceed the figure of the purchase price.

Can owners see their horses being trained?

Yes. We hold regular stable visits for our owners to gain valuable insights from the trainer and see what happens behind the scenes. 

How do I know when my horse is running?

We ensure that owners are updated with regular progress reports, including videos, photos and written updates. We streamline communication, administration and regulation into The Racing Manager app, bringing owners closer to the action.

How is prize money and sales proceeds distributed?

Prize money, stud fees and re-sale profits are distributed through Weatherbys bank in accordance to Opulence Thoroughbreds' legislations.

Can I sell my share?

We may be in a position to purchase your share from you, which very much depends on the situation at the time. If you have found an owner for your share, it is just a case of sending us their details.