We understand that 21st century investors are looking for alternative methods/markets to both invest and enjoy their money. At Opulence Thoroughbreds, we aim to provide an exclusive service on and off the racecourse.

Opulence Thoroughbreds is a premium thoroughbred and lifestyle syndicate. Our exclusive brand brings together small groups of like-minded investors who share a passion for success. All owners are invited to attend the stables and see their horses in training as well as the excitement of race days.

All of our clientele can expect to meet a diverse mix of interesting and dynamic people from different worlds both new and established. Owners are invited to exclusive events at prestigious race meetings as well as an array of functions hosted at high end members clubs in London.

As an owner you will have your own personal Racing Concierge who will help you organise your racing calendar with support in purchasing, training, racing, breeding and eventually selling your thoroughbred racehorse(s).

Our Ambassador

"I am honoured to be the ambassador for Opulence Thoroughbreds. The Opulence Thoroughbreds experience for its owners is second to none. Not only are there plenty of great days at the racing and at the yards visiting the horses but Opulence Thoroughbreds also provides a fantastic investment opportunity. I can't wait to see you all at the races soon"‚Äč

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Our Aims

Opulence Thoroughbreds aims to source the finest bloodstock to ensure your prize money and sales proceeds are maximised. There are many different variables that come with selecting the right racehorse, but we have all the tools to ensure we are best equipped:

  • We aim to buy the most commercial pedigrees in line with market trends of the highest performing stallions and mares.
  • Each horse purchased will be referred to as a syndicate. The syndicate will typically be split between 3-5 investors. All communication is centralised into one digital hub, bringing owners closer to the action than ever before.
  • Trust, communication and enjoyment are essential for a successful partnership and we aim to provide all three consistently.
  • The syndicates are designed with an ultimate exit strategy. We buy the horses with an export market in mind, the main market for high class 2/3 year olds is within the UAE, Asia, America and Australia.
  • Any offers for horses are shared directly with the syndicate owners. We always welcome your opinion in terms of keeping or selling the horse.